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5 Things You Should Bring to Your Getting Ready Room

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  4. 5 Things You Should Bring to Your Getting Ready Room

Hi, Brides!! One of my favorite parts of any wedding day is arriving to a getting ready room and seeing the beautiful bride surrounded by all of her favorite people on one of the most IMPORTANT DAYS OF HER LIFE. However, sometimes your photographer needs certain items to give your day that *extra special* touch. Read below for the 5 things EVERY bride should bring to their getting ready room.


1. Custom Wooden Hanger

So you’ve bought your dream dress, surrounded yourself with your favorite people, and are now getting ready for your special day. One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is seeing the bride’s dress for the first time because it’s such a wonderful expression of the bride’s personality + taste! Most of the time, however, these gorgeous dresses come hanging on plastic hangers stuffed with cardboard. To really capture the beautiful detail and shape of your gown, I suggest buying/DIYing a custom wooden hanger. Not only do they photograph well, but it’s such a wonderful keepsake from your day too!



2. Invitations/Save the Date

To capture every part of your day, I’d love to photograph the thing you used to invite your family + friends with! Invitation shots are one of my favorite details because it really captures the mood, color scheme, and details that you used to start planning your day with. Adding these into your detail bag can be such a wonderful thing!



3. Wedding Rings, Accessories, and Family Heirlooms

Some of my favorite detail shots have incorporated family heirlooms. They hold so much significance that it can be a wonderful addition to your day! Literally, any you include in your detail bag helps with your shots.




4. Bouquets/Florals

This is kind of a given, but florals are the perfect accent to any wedding day detail shot! You’ve spent more than enough time deciding which flowers go with your “theme”, so make the most of it by including them in your detail shots while in your getting ready room.



5. Perfume

This is one of my favorite things to photograph during the detail shots!! It’s the perfect “Something New” to add to your wedding day, and nothing says confidence like smelling great amongst the busyness of your day. I’ve even had some brides buy BRAND NEW perfume for that signature perfume shot — but hey, it’s all up to you and what you’d like your detail shots to consist of! 🙂







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