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Offering the kinds of images that make you want to stop, smile, and ask time to please slow down. I believe in images that are itching to be printed, placed in beautiful frames, and hung on walls for years to come. 





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part plant-mom, part crime-podcast obsessed. an entrepreneurial spirit who spends my days capturing in-love couples and designing brands for creatives.

Serving you and your partner during your wedding and engagement experience, creating intentional space for family and loved ones to celebrate. My biggest honor is being called a wedding photographer, and I do not take that role lightly. Let's chat and get to know each other!

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"You know you picked the right photographer when every one of your wedding guests are complimenting you on your selection."


WHY we're the perfect match:


As a wedding photographer, my priority, is capturing your experience in an authentic light. But more than that, it's making sure you spend time with people - YOUR people - and that THOSE moments are captured. When it comes to your wedding day, I'm an efficient photographer WITHOUT compromising quality, and truly feel that is what most couples need during their wedding experience. I want you to be able to run (not walk) to cocktail hour, dance to the Wobble at your reception (if you're into that), and not have to rush around on your wedding day. For 95% of my couples, we get photos done EARLY and you're free to party with your people right afterwards.

When you hire me as your wedding photographer, you hire a fun sense of organization with timeline prep, efficiency, and an overall sense of servitude for you and your guests on your wedding day.

MY approach:



"She was such a pleasure to work with, is sweet, kind, and professional.

For our wedding, she was a light to have as a part of our big day. She fit right in and knew exactly what she was doing - she even brought an emergency kit for my bridesmaids and I. 

Andrea took so much stress off of such a busy time fo life for me. I would hire her again without any hesitation, and I truly do hope I get to work with her again.

miranda & ben

"Andrea is the photographer by husband and I NEEDED.

I would pick Andrea 100 times over again to be my wedding photographer because of her positivity, organization, timeliness, and thoughtfulness. It's just a great added bonus that she produces the most beautiful photos that captured all our emotion, passion, and love for each other on our wedding day.


"If you are reading this review right now and searching for a photographer who listens to what you'd like, does an amazing job, and seems like she's been your friend for years, look no further. She's right here. 

I've been dreaming of my wedding since I was a child. I had everything in my mind how I wanted things to look and feel. Andrea was able to capture our wedding exactly how I always have dreamed of. The pictures she provided us with are precisely what has always been in my mind, even at an early age. Absolutely beautiful. 


"From the first moment of inquiry, to the very end of the wedding day, she was beyond kind and accommodating.

I really loved how she actually got to know us as a couple, and felt like an old friend! She was so prompt with responses and always making sure she was meeting our needs. Her photos are to die for and I am so happy we'll have those memories for years to come. I am so glad we chose Andrea for our engagement/wedding photos. I highly recommend her! You will not be disappointed.