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5 Things To Do When You First Get Engaged

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  1. 5 Things to Do When You First Get Engaged
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Congratulations!!! You’re engaged! Are you excited? I’m excited for you. This is amazing. Let’s prepare for that wedding day glow with the 5 things to do when you first get engaged.


1. Take Time For You and Your Fiancé & Celebrate!

Getting engaged is super amazing and a huge step in a relationship! After you celebrate with that ring photo, selfies, and soak in all of the comments on Facebook, take some time to pop champagne with just you and Him (and maybe your closest friends + family too, because they’re pretty darn awesome).


2. Talk Financials & Budgeting (the not so fun stuff)

It’s a little less common nowadays for the woman’s parent’s to pay for the entire wedding. Talk to you and your fiancé’s parents to see what you’re working with, and then talk to your fiancé about what you’re willing to spend entirely. This is a really good time to get your finances in order and see how much you both are willing to spend on your special day. From there, everything can essentially “fall into place”, meaning how much you’re willing to spend on your vendors!

3. Choose Your Bridal Party (carefully)

When my oldest sister was getting married, I can remember her telling me, “if you even have to hesitate to put someone in your bridal party then they don’t belong there…” WHICH IS SO TRUE. Choose wisely, friends. I know it is so difficult  to put friends in your bridal party because you’ve known them for so long, but think about the role they play in your life and your relationship with your S.O. Pro tip** Try to make it an even amount with your fiancé (your photographer will thank you later ;))

** Ask them to stand beside you with these curated gifts from BoxFox or Greetabl! TIP: If you click those links you’ll get something special off the price tag 🙂 **

4. Draft a Guest List

You’ll say you want a small wedding. You will. But, then you add in all the college friends and both sides of distant relatives and it totals more than you think. First, just write down a guest list of all the people that you want to be there. Chances are there are going to be people your parents will want to invite, and then add in plus-ones for those in a relationship. For more help on who to include, plus-one tips, and guest list advice, click here to read this article from Wedding Wire!


5. Build a Wedding Website

Once that date is booked, its not time to send your family + friends your wedding website. Free sites like Zola and TheKnot have customizable options to get the little details figured out ASAP (think: gift registry, accommodations, and fun things to do in your area)


And as an extra bonus….6.  Interview Planners & Vendors

Photographers, venues, planners, and catering all book up 12-18 months in advance. Once you get your date set, it’s time to book those vendors and make your best day even better! Also, if you’re unsure of certain vendors, a planner, venue, or photographer is easily searchable and can be found on recommended vendor pages for vendors that you’ve already hired! To find vendors near you, I highly suggest creating an account on Wedding Wire and seeing who’s available in your area. WW helps with all things weddings, like seating charts, vendor searches, budgeting, and guest lists!



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