Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer (by a wedding photographer)

February 24, 2018
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YAY! It’s that time of the year, brides! I love the Holidays + Valentine’s Day because that means more couples, and more couples mean more consultations! I’ve typed up a few very important and detailed questions that YOU should ask your wedding photographer when you meet with them (if they don’t address these questions themselves). Being a photographer myself, some of these caught me off guard (like #6*) but I do find that when couples come with questions, it helps me explain more logistical processes involved in the wedding photography experience!

1. “What’s your photographic style?”

This is extremely vital in your consultations with photographers. Everyone has a different style, and if you’ve checked out their website you should be familiar with it (light, airy, moody, dark, etc.). If they don’t know how to describe their style, then it might be a mix of both! Just make sure it fits you and what you want on your special day.


2. “Is a second shooter included in the package price or is there an extra fee?”

Talking logistics like package pricing, second shooter fees, and extra hours is extremely important. Getting as many details as possible and limiting any miscommunications should be the goal!


3. “Do you shoot digitally, with film, or both?”

Most photographers I know shoot digitally, but sometimes you’ll come across film photographers! Guys, these photographers are insanely talented and know how to get the perfect shot just by adjusting settings. If digital is more your style, great! Into film? That’s cool too! Just make sure you know which area your photographer specializes in.


4. “Can I see an entire gallery from a wedding you’ve shot before?”

This gives really wonderful insight into how the photographer captures your entire day, as well as the setup of your gallery! It will make the gallery delivery process that much smoother because you already know how to navigate the delivery site! Plus, you get to see glimpses of how the photographer captures the day! Win-Win situation here, friend.


5. “What is one thing that sets you apart from other wedding photographers?”

The first time I was asked this question I was so caught off guard. It took me a minute to think about, but I eventually came up with an answer (hint: under promising and over-delivering) and got my DREAM couple! Ask your photographer what makes them special!


6. “Can you tell us about the retainer fee, contract, and gallery delivery?”

The logistics of your wedding photographer shouldn’t be too complicated, but there are things like contracts, questionnaires, and deposits that you should be aware of! If they haven’t informed you about this process yet, simply ask!


7. “What is your favorite thing about a wedding day?”

A question that lights my soul on fire. Please ask your photographer this; they’re going to be so excited to show you their favorite parts of a wedding day.

8. Why did you get into wedding photography?”

Eeep! What a sweet question! This one always makes me tear up — I just love weddings so much. I guarantee when asking this question your photographer’s eyes will light up. You’ll be able to see the passion within them for something.



9. “What would you like for dinner?” 😉

Even though its stated in my contract that dinner should be provided, the fact that couples think about asking me personally is the sweetest thing!! I’m a foodie at heart and this question makes me feel like the couple really cares about how I’m reenergized during a long wedding day,



Some other questions that may be helpful to you:

“Do you offer any albums or canvases?”

“Will you help us draft a timeline of our wedding day?”




  • Do I feel a connection with this photographer as well as his/her photos? Are our personalities a good match?
  • Am I comfortable with this person’s work and communication style?
  • Has this photographer listened well and addressed all my concerns?

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Andrea is a joy to be around and creates a natural, relaxed atmosphere. Andrea captures each moment so beautifully. She was always on top of communication, and I always felt like she cared about what we wanted. The quality of pictures is amazing and I am so glad we chose Andrea as our wedding photographer! You should definitely hire her now for your photography needs!"


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Andrea is so professional and detail-oriented, while still being fun, friendly, and loving. She feels like she is your best friend as soon as you meet her! Throughout our wedding planning process, she sent a sweet little surprise gift box, a helpful photography planning guide, and she even made us a personalized ornament for our first Christmas! She goes above and beyond in everything she does.


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