The Importance of 30 Minutes

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Why Sunset Portraits Matter

Picture this: it’s your wedding day, you’ve been surrounded by amazing friends + family all day. That’s amazing, right?! OF COURSE IT IS. But maybe you’d like to make some time for just you and your *new* spouse, to really talk and be alone. To spend time together amongst the music and laughter you’re encompassed by.

The perfect time for these moments to be “alone” (just pretend I’m not there) is during your sunset portraits.

I cannot preach the importance of these 30 minutes. It gives you and your fiancé the chance to breathe during a day that goes by in a flash.

I know it’s difficult to think about scheduling a mere 30 minutes within an 8-10 hour day of pure joy + busy-ness, but I promise you, sunset portraits will be one of the best choices you make on your wedding day. Not only do you get an extra set of portraits of you and your new partner, but I cannot preach the importance of getting out of the hustle and chaos for only a little while.

Golden Hour

Another amazing reason is THE GOLDEN HOUR LIGHT. When I’m not photographing weddings, I’m hired for mostly senior portraits and engagement sessions, to which I always start them about 2 hours before sunset (when the light is at its peak; aka, GOLDEN HOUR).

I love educating my couples about the importance of these 30 minutes, because they get to stop and think that, “YES! we want more variety within our wedding photos while also getting a little break”, and that time can be scheduled  in during their wedding day, which is the best part. I, personally, will sit down with you and your fiancé to go over a timeline that suits your needs while also ensuring there’s more than enough time for portraits.


Timeline Disasters

This isn’t my first rodeo. I see timeline disasters happeingn from the bride being 2 hours late to her own ceremony to being 30 minutes early to a reception start. 

As your photographer, I’m here to guide you through the process while making room for mistakes/things that run-over. That way, you won’t even know if something is behind schedule. We’ll simply build in time, and assume, that things will run behind. I’m all for preparation, friend!


Jan 31, 2021

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