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Busy Is Not a Badge of Honor

March 6, 2018

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Man, last week was quite a week. In the midst of turning 21, I also had a schedule full of exams, work shifts, homework, and catching up on sleep.

I opened up my email throughout last week to find not one, not two, not three, but five client inquiries saying they found another photographer for their wedding. *cue heartbreak*

My heart sank. Thankfully I was in my little cubicle, alone..and no one saw the tears well up in my eyes as I found, yet again, feeling not good enough.

Then, I took the hardest exam of my college career this far…only to find that I didn’t pass. *cue another heartbreak*

On top of that, everyone was leaving for Spring Break while I had decided to stay in town and work all week…*cue the reality of adulthood*

Feelings like these come and go as entrepreneurs and business owners. One minute I’m on top of the world, and the next I feel like the biggest failure. It honestly is the weirdest thing being a business owner. I am so grateful for the opportunities that Andrea Cable Photography has given me, but there’s always a little  voice inside of my head that screams “go bigger!” and to book as many sessions as I can.

You see, as my girl Jenna Kutcher puts it, busy is not a badge of honor. It’s not. I consistently want my calendar filled — because more weddings = more money, right?

After the upsetting week I had, I was surprised by my family coming down to spend the weekend in VA to celebrate my 21st. We went to wineries and dive bars and laughed/loved like we always do.

And they showered me with (unplanned) avocado theme presents.

They brought me my favorite cake. And hugged me. and told me how much they missed me.

The funny thing is. I was supposed to have a wedding that day and the couple cancelled me being their photographer.

Although my heart broke at those typed words back then, I would have never gotten the chance to spend time with my family and realize how blessed I am to be a business owner and have a family that is extremely supportive throughout everything I do.

After describing my frustration with my family, they gently reminded me how far I’ve come, how hard I’ve worked, and the fact that I have booked this many weddings over the upcoming summer is extremely impressive.

My family reminded me that I’m not working for myself. None of this matters unless I’m giving glory to God throughout it all. That’s why I got into the business of wedding photography: because marriage is a blessing and I want to capture, show, and spread God’s love throughout every couple and individual I get to meet through it.

I am redefining failure: for it is not failure at all, I just needed a shift of mindset and priorities.

**for all the photographers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals that go through the cycle of not feeling good enough: I get what it’s like, and I am here for you for encouragement, prayer, and caffeinated talks. Be grateful for how far you’ve come, and where you’re going — if you ever get stuck in a self-pity trap, open your bible and your heart to the love of God. I promise you’ll feel a lot better afterward.

While writing these words, I hope someone who really needs to hear this is reading. So many times I felt like as long as I booked X number of weddings/sessions then “I truly made it”. Which doesn’t make sense.

I’m thankful for these seasons of reflection and growing. Busy is not a badge of honor, so take “book as many sessions as I can” off of your to-do list and be grateful for the time you are free to spend with the ones that encourage you and help you grow.

I’m cheering for you!


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