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I think Morgan and Chuck couldn’t have made my 4AM alarm better. I spent the morning with these two walking around the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C. and Old Town Alexandria capturing their engagement photos, and let me tell you, it was such a fun time. I didn’t even feel like I got less sleep than usual (it was probably the Starbucks though, let’s be honest).

Mar 29, 2018

3 Steps to a Better Mindset

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I think it’s really common for business owners, creatives, and entrepreneurs to want our schedules packed full. I mean, more bookings = more money, right? Everyone loves a little extra cash now and then. But, when the time comes when all you’re doing is focusing on your work, that’s when you need to step back and change your mindset.

Time is money — so true. But a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs suffer from burnout when they’re consistently doing something over and over again. One of my main fears is that I’ll eventually suffer from burnout and not want to continue running a photography business. I can already sense myself getting stressed at my future summer and fall schedules — but it doesn’t have to be this way.

In preparation for dealing with schoolwork, internship tasks, and running a photography business, I’ve begun practicing these 3 things that help me take a step back, reflect, and relish in the blessings that come as a business owner.

1. Start a bible study and stick to it

I’m the poster child for “let’s start something and then never finish it”, especially when it comes to bible studies/getting in a routine of reading my bible. I’ve found that sticking to a routine where I get up, brew my coffee, read my bible, and start my day with Jesus takes me a long way. It puts me in a good mood and settles my nerves for the upcoming days ahead. Horacio Printing offers incredible planners that are Christian based — and when you sign up for their weekly newsletter they usually mention something about bible studies they’ve got going on. I’m participating in their Lent bible study and it’s making me focus more on my relationship with God, rather than worrying about all the things I have to do.

2. Implement “Orange Days”

My favorite couples, Amy and Jordan Demos, who are also fellow photogs PREACH this in their blog posts and business course. Implementing “Orange Days” is the best thing you can do for your business. Orange days are essentially days that you block off in advance and plan nothing on those days. Once the orange days roll around, you can catch up on work, your favorite Netflix show, or simply spend the day in bed. The best thing about Orange Days is that you control them. They are meant for you to relax. I’ve scheduled Orange Days in the midst of my busiest season to prepare myself for relaxation and, if I’d ever need it, to give myself a cushion of time to catch up on life, sleep, and #priorities.

3. Listen to Your Gut and Say “No”

There are times where every inquiry I receive I want to book. Why? Because more sessions = more money and THAT equals more Chipotle (which is what I live for).

However, if I have a gut feeling about a session that I know I shouldn’t take, or a wedding where the couple and I don’t quite fit, then I’ve learned to listen to my gut, because nearly 99% of the time it’s right. Being busy is great, yes, but my sanity and relaxation are more important. Saying “no” doesn’t have to feel mean or rude or like you’re lying, there are definitely kind ways to say no. It takes guts to be able to turn down sessions. I know you can do it.


*Updated 04/05/2018* There ya have it, friends. I’ve been really struggling with shifting my mindset lately. Thankfully, re-reading and writing this post has helped. PLEASE let me know if you think any more tips should be added, because Lord knows there are always more ways. I hope this post comes to you at a time you need it most. <3


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