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The 2018 Bridal Guide

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I am SO excited to share a project I’ve been working on for the last few months. In fact, I did a little dance when I realized it arrived in my mailbox just a fews days ago!

After months of planning, photography decisions, heavy caffeine intake, late nights, and early mornings, the Andrea Cable Photography Bridal Guide is COMPLETE and ready for my 2019 couples!

The ACP Bridal Guide was created to help guide couples through the wedding photography planning process. There is so much information out there on wedding photography, on top of everything else a wedding day has in store. Having one place where it’s all gathered is going to help my couples (and myself) immensely! A goal of mine is to be able to deliver a consistent experience to all of my couples, and this guide is going to do just that. It’s going to minimize emails back and forth, and create a great client experience.

The Bridal Guide covers everything from booking, to your engagement session & what to wear, timelines for your big day, family formal groupings, and portrait times. There are so many useful resources in this guide and I can’t wait for my future couples to get one! 🙂


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Just got engaged and want a copy? Contact me here and we can get started on planning your big day!

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