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Marginalized Europe |A Recap of the Last 6 Weeks in Greece and Bulgaria

There aren’t many words that can describe how a 6 week trip to Bulgaria and Greece has affected me. The last month and a half have been encapsulated through host families, stares, second-hand cigarette smoke, hikes, good and bad coffee, so many cucumbers and tomatoes, stomach probz #theITIS, blossoming friendships, laughter, card games, and a countless amount of beauty. There were definitely ups and downs throughout the trip, but as I stepped off the plane once we landed in Washington D.C. I realized I wasn’t super ready to get back into my 9-5 desk job routine.

I wish I could describe every picture I took; the meaning, beauty, or people within are all so close to my heart (and photography style). In Greece especially, we were surrounded by an overwhelming amount of history and I hope I captured that history in a meaningful way. Scroll down to see only some of my favorite images from the last 6 weeks.

Bulgaria & Greece, you treated me so well. I hope I can return to the Rhodope Mountains and Grecian islands sooner rather than later. A special thanks to the 18 other students on this cross cultural for being a key in why I had such an amazing time and aiding in much needed laughter <3


The first week: Bansko, Bulgaria

Orientation, friends, and the Rila Monastery


Weeks 2 and 3: spent in Plovdiv, Bulgaria with host families, language lessons, and plenty of cafes.

Our host mother, Maria, on her birthday!



Week 4(ish): Traveled to Greece where we stayed on the island of Santorini and inside the city of Athens


Weeks 5-6: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, Bansko, a day trip to Kavala, Greece and a hike in the Rhodope Mountains

We entered the city of Philippi and walked around for awhile. While there, we got the chance to view where Paul was supposedly in prison and where Lydia (the first European christian) was baptized. We traveled to the Greek city of Kavala and spent the day touring the city and enjoying the beach. The week ended back in Bansko with a hike in the Rhodope Mountains.

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