Aspen, Colorado | Sarah & Bill

May 15, 2018

Bill and Sarah’s Aspen, CO wedding was one that I’ll remember forever. They brought me in as a part of their family and treated me like their daughter throughout the 4 days we spent together. This isn’t the first time they’ve shown selfless love; staying in their home while visiting Puerto Rico for a week with Ted was also the beginning of how I  began to know these two. To somehow put it into words, they’ve welcomed me into their home, hearts, and family.

It was an absolute honor to come along with their loved ones and capture their special weekend. Their vows and elopement ceremony were at the Maroon Bells in Aspen, CO. Let me tell ya, Bill and Sarah knew what they were doing when they changed ceremony plans to the Maroon Bells 😉 Although the wind caused a few (dress and hat) malfunctions, that just added to the memories of May 11th. Sarah and Bill’s vows were straight from the heart, with both expressing their love for each other, their hearts, and each other’s families.

Friday evening, everyone got dressed up and attended the most delicious Italian dinner (with the best moscato I’ve ever had…..ever). Beforehand, we captured portraits of everyone on the trip, and needless to say, it was one of my favorite parts! One-by-one, every single member of both Bill and Sarah’s family welcomed me with open arms.

To Sarah and Bill:

I wish I could put into words the amount of thankfulness, love, and joy these last few days have bestowed upon me. I am truly honored to have been asked to capture such an amazing week while you’re surrounded by the people who matter the most (and of course the ones who couldn’t make it are missed immensely). The Maroon  Bells, laughs, Bill’s hat, dinner conversations, wine, nachos + jalapeno poppers, Photoshopping faces, and hot tub times were only a few of the highlights, but seeing you both profess your love for each other in front of your family took the cake. Thank you for your generosity, patience, selflessness, and beautiful time you provided for everyone. Please enjoy just a few of my favorites from our time together — I can’t wait for you to see the rest 🙂



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