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2019 IUP Senior | Lindsay

I am just absolutely OVERJOYED to have taken Lindsay’s graduation portraits. I’ve known this gal since we were in preschool. WHAT?! And now we’re about to graduate from college?

We’ve gone through almost every stage of life together and I am just so blessed to have a best friend as amazing as Lindsay. She is the true representation of a woman of God and inspires me to better my relationship with Him daily. It’s amazing to me that (even when we’ve spent more than 4 years apart at different colleges, in different states, and having different experiences) we always come together at the end. Always.

They say that if a friendship lasts more than 7 years then its meant to last a lifetime. I think we surpassed that in 9th grade through the awkward braces phase and fighting over weird boys (thanks for sticking through that with me, by the way).

Lindsay attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania for the last four years while majoring in nursing, and OH MY WORD she has already changed so many lives. Her entire manner is just made up of so much kindness and grace, and she’s truly just the best person I know.



You are going to change so many lives. You have ALREADY changed so many lives through your kind heart and pure soul, but I know that God has so many plans for you throughout your Nursing career. No matter where he takes you, I know that you’re going to thrive in wherever you land. Here’s to you, Linds! Go get ’em (and enjoy your sneak peek, of course)❤️



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