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2019 UPJ Senior | Abby

I cannot BELIEVE that Abby is graduating (or that I’m graduating either, is this real life?). It doesn’t seem like too long ago, we were celebrating our first year of college with a beach trip over the summer and taking photos on the beach. And now, we’re celebrating her final year of college. Abby was actually one of my FIRST seniors that I’ve ever photographed, and I am just so blessed to have friends that trusted me enough to capture their senior photos when I knew (literally) nothing.



I am so excited to see the lives you change while continuing with your RT career! I am just so, insanely proud of the woman you’ve become over the last 4 years. Here’s to you, girly. You’re going to thrive through anything you do, but I know you’re going to change lives while in WV ❤️


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