17 in ’17 – the top 17 amazing things from the 2017 year

January 1, 2018

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I’ve started a¬† new series that commemorates the amazing things done each year! Excitingly enough, I’ve wrapped up the 17 most amazing things that have happened to me throughout the 2017 year. Brace yourselves, every one. These are all pretty great.

In 2017, I….

17. Implemented new workflow systems into my business with Honeybook!

This may not sound exciting, but for us business owners, we’re constantly searching for new ways to implement better workflows into our businesses. Honeybook has taken automation and turned it into something AMAZING. It allows for entrepreneurs to spend less time printing out contracts/bookkeeping and more time doing what they love. If you haven’t checked out Honeybook yet, CHECK IT OUT NOW.

16. Visited Culebra, Puerto Rico

I have never experienced anything like this trip! Between driving to the wrong airport to miss our flight (long story), eating fish tacos while watching the sunset over the ocean, seeing the lights of St. Peter’s light up in the night distance, and, snorkeling with tropical fish/turtles, I will never forget the week spent in Culebra. This tiny island was filled with beautiful scenery, amazing locals, and the best darn burgers in the world. Which brings me to…

15. Found the best burger in the entire world

This was found at a tiny little food truck in the middle of Culebra, Puerto Rico. The only bad thing about finding the best burger of my life is that nothing else compares to it — I’ll just have to re-visit sometime, I guess ūüėČ

Culebra, Puerto Rico Culebra, Puerto Rico Culebra, Puerto Rico

14. Collaborated with different vendors to provide them with images of their work

Ah, this one makes my heart happy. Through different vendor networking channels, I got the amazing opportunity to provide wedding stationers and calligraphers with samples of their work that they now get to display for their clients! It was great getting to work with 2-3 vendors who have now turned into close friends! Pictured below: DCo Lovenotes and Brown Fox Creative.

Stationary made by DCo Lovenotes

13. Finished the Amy and Jordan Business Course

Alright, for all you photogs out there, you KNOW that Amy and Jordan Demos are photographic angels. Their consistent commitment to God, their clients, and each other¬†is so inspiring. The AJ Business Course has not only made me a better photographer, graphic designer, accountant, (and all the other things photography business owners do), but a better¬†friend.¬†a better¬†writer.¬†a better¬†communicator.¬†These 8 modules cover everything you can think of — from client experiences to bookkeeping and so forth. Amy and Jordan really dove into every question a photography business owner has. The inestment I put into¬†myself¬†and now¬†my business¬†is paying off. I truly feel like Amy and Jordan are close friends of mine (even when they’re halfway across the country).

12. Was the photographer for the grand opening of a bakery

Bittersweet Bakery opened up in Downtown Harrisonburg, VA and I graciously got to photograph it the week before Thanksgiving! It was an honor being able to capture it and I loved seeing so many locals come out to support the business these two women have worked so hard for. Thanks Erica and Alicia!!

Bittersweet Bakery VA

11. Moved into an apartment with my 3 best friends

This may not seem like a big feat, but spending a semester apart (and then an entire summer) from my three best friends was a tad bit agonizing. This year we’re finally in the same space and bond over nightly dinners and our mutual weirdness. I’m blessed to have three other people who are weirdly similar to me but different in the good ways.

10. Worked a part-time marketing internship

In addition to going to school full-time, I’m also employed at a local corporation as an intern and have LOVED every second of it. It has been so much work to combine my internship with academics, social life, and maintaining a regular sleep schedule, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Yay for learning and new opportunities!

09. Got a new family member!!

Oh my gosh I LOVE PUPPIES. Shout out to my parents for adopting the newest Cable family member – Finley, the mini golden doodle. Now that all of the kids have flown the nest they needed something (and someone) to occupy their time — if any of you have puppies you know that they will do just that. Welcome to the family, little Finley!!

Finley the Goldendoodle

08. Got accepted into a six week program to travel to Bulgaria/Greece

Stay tuned for actual photos from that trip — coming Summer 2018!!

07. Captured more amazing couples!!

Wedding season is my FAVORITE season! This summer was filled with wonderful couples that have touched my life forever. Thank you to all the amazing couples I got to spend their special day with — here’s to the AC 2018 Couples! On top of that, I’ve loved the 2017 engagement sessions too! These couples are just so darn fantastic. Check out more glimpses at these fantastic couples here!

Kara and Diogo - Bridgewater, VA Wedding Adam and Ashley - Johnstown, PA engagement session

06. Learned the importance of self care

As the school year gets into full swing and I’m continuing to run a business while being a full-time college student with a part-time internship it is so easy¬†to just keep going like a little hamster on a wheel. I have finally learned how to rest my brain and am continually learning the importance of self-care. My favorite things are buying myself a latte at the end of a hard week or just taking a half hour to be alone with my thoughts — the latte never hurts though ūüėČ

05. Visited Pittsburgh by myself!

Most college students check out the tropical areas for Spring break. I, on the other hand, spent the week-long vacation touring the beautiful city of Pittsburgh that has been just 2 hours away from me my entire life! Spending more than a day there was amazing, and the AirBNB couple I stayed with changed my life. I highly recommend taking a much needed self-care trip by yourself. It does wonders. The Andy Warhol Museum and

Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh, PA

04. Re-watched The Office another 20 times

Okay, so I might have exaggerated¬†a little, but re-runs of The Office never get old. Between that and New Girl I’ve realized the importance of familiar TV shows and how they can start new friendships (shoutout to the people who I’ve actually become friends with because of these shows).

bears. beets. battle star galactica.

03. Booked a destination wedding!!

Stay tuned for the “surprise” photos from that special trip coming Summer 2018 ūüėČ

02. Rebranded Andrea Cable Photography!

The countless hours spent in front of my home screen and that dang blinking cursor are over. I have officially re-branded and launched my NEW website just a few weeks ago. It goes without saying, but so much hard work (and coffee) was poured into this new brand. Thank the Lord for cute coffee mugs and inspiring Pinterest quotes. Plus, the support of my friends and family was pretty great.

01. Realized that I can’t do “all the things”

Being both a full-time college student and business owner, I wear A LOT of hats. I’m an accountant one day and a marketing intern the next, as well as being a student or customer service director the day after that. This year has taught me that it is¬†okay to outsource what you don’t love to do, to focus on the stuff that only¬†YOU can do! Big shout out to Jenna Kutcher and The Goal Digger Podcast for teaching that to me through her awesome podcast.


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