For Photographers: The Importance of Client Gifting

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The Importance of Client Gifting


Client gifting is one of the most important aspects that CHANGED the way I do business. I know what you’re thinking, “Andrea, I already have so many overhead expenses per client and you’re saying I have to spend more?” Yes, friend, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

Because investing in your connection with your client, while an initial expense, is a standout detail that creates a bigger reward – a long-lasting relationship! Dare I say friendship? (But seriously, I truly consider my clients some of my dearest friends.)

This is the fun part (at least for me): every couple that books a wedding with me get a customized gift box from a high-end gifting company. I essentially pick out 4-5 different items that I think they’ll like and the company ships those items in a GORGEOOOUSSS box that encapsulates the top-level experience I will give them throughout their wedding photography journey with me (and afterward).

As you consider client gifting, one thing remains above all else just as it always does in this business – be true to you and your style! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, consistency is key. In your feed. In your editing. And now in your gifting! Make sure it’s an ideal match that represents YOU while catering and connecting to your client.  (p.s. That’s why I love the gift boxes – they are consistent but allow me to pick different pieces based off of my different clients for a unique touch!)

I’m not going to gift my clients a gift card for popcorn and a movie because that just isn’t my vibe – I’m a lover of all things intricate and detailed and my gifts to them match that.

Does your style scream date nights and continual relationship work are important? THEN YES. Give them opportunities to continue to date each other during the wedding planning process and beyond.

Do you exude excitement for nature and the outdoors and incorporate those elements into your photographs? Gift them a membership to a local park or find a nearby national park! (Love me some Shenandoah NP)

Coffee lover? Book reader? Whatever you flock to, use that to help guide you.

In the end, after you discover what your perfect client gift could be and will be, the time and intentionality spent on cultivating and continuing a relationship with your clients because of that gift far outweighs the simple cost.


Jul 21, 2021

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