Facts and Myths About Hiring a Wedding Photographer

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Facts and Myths About Hiring a Wedding Photographer


There are a lot of misconceptions about hiring a wedding photographer out there, but I’m here to debunk a few myths (and spew a few facts your way!) so you can have the best experience possible with the one that’s photographing your special wedding journey!


Your photographer should have already shot at your venue before

The answer: MYTH

Speaking for myself here, sometimes I do better if I’ve never photographed at your venue before.

I know, shocker, right?

I think it lets the creative juices flow so much easier, and I’m not stuck in what I did at a previous wedding, which adds for some unique photos! If your photographer hasn’t photographed at your venue space before, no worries. I guarantee they’re just as talented as you think, and will prove that to you during your wedding day! I’m a natural light specialist, which means I know how light works and how to get the best look in any scenario.


You’re in charge of whatever poses to do during your session/wedding day.

The answer: MYTH

Oh friends, this is 1110000% false. Your photographer, no matter who they are, is there to guide you every step of the way. They’re the professional, and no professional I know would leave everything to their clients who haven’t posed in front of the camera before.


Professional photographers overcharge for their services

The answer: MYTH (as if you think I’d say any thing else…)

The truth is, wedding photographers aren’t just charging for the 8 hours they’re with you on your wedding day. We spent a lot of time communicating with you (and your vendors!), creating your timeline, organizing/cleaning our gear, creating our styling kit, driving to and from your session, driving to and from your wedding day, and then EDITING 1000’s of photos.


My friend/family member can be my photographer

The answer: it depends!

Look, we’re about to have a pretty large heart-to-heart here, mmkkaayy?

After your wedding, the only tangible things that you’ll have is your partner, your dress, and the thousands of wedding photos provided to you by your photographer. 

Please, for the love of your memories and future-frames, do not skimp on your wedding photographer.

I know it’s tempting to cut corners on things. Weddings are super expensive! But, do not hire an amateur with a camera that doesn’t know what they’re doing. You’ll thank me later.

However, I know A LOT of professional photographers, and sometimes they’ll gift wedding photography services to their friends and family! This, I believe, is obviously totally reasonable. If your friend/family member is an actual professional, has lots of weddings under their belt, and can ensure they get you beautiful images that last a lifetime.


Your Photographer’s main priority is to serve you and your guests

The answer: FACT

This is why I do what I do!! I actually receive so much genuine joy from serving my couples and their family during their wedding journey. Of course I want to make sure I capture beautiful photos for you all, and that consists of doing all I possibly can to serve you and your closest friends/family!



I know choosing your wedding photographer is a stressful process, but I hope these tips helped you realize that while we’re not actual superheroes, we exhibit some crazy traits on your wedding day that might convince you otherwise 😉 We’re here to serve YOU, friend! We’re professionals. You hired us for a reason, and you should trust your gut!

May 11, 2021

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