Downtown Pittsburgh Engagement Session | Johnny & Kendra


Ya’ll — I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS COUPLE. I had such an amazing time photographing Johnny & Kendra during their downtown Pittsburgh engagement session this morning. We thankfully started when the city was still [mostly] asleep — it was still a little dark out and not many people were up which gave us the perfect opportunity to walk the more popular parts of the city free of other people (and before the Picklesburg tourists arrive – – see photos below for a sample of the giant pickle balloon).

Literally from the FIRST photo I took of these two, they were extremely relaxed and comfortable being in front of the camera, no matter how many times I’d say “YOU GUYS ARE NATURALS” they responded, “I swear we’re so awkward” πŸ˜› LITERALLY NOT AWKWARD, FRIENDS. LOOK AT EM. I honestly have never had to not guide a couple this much. That’s how easily comfortable they were in front of my camera! Their October wedding is coming up quick and I’m just oh-so-excited!!

Special thanks to these two for not only meeting up before dawn but for walking a crazy amount around the streets of Pittsburgh (some of us being barefoot πŸ˜› ), keeping up with my jokes (when it was way too early to laugh), for the willingness to get wet on the water steps, giggling uncontrollably, and having SUCH positive vibes the entire session. You two are amazing. Absolutely, 100%, unapologetically in love. I am incredibly excited for you two to start an “official” life together, but I know that it’s been pretty official for a long time πŸ™‚


A note to the couple:

Johnny and Kendra, you two are simply amazing. Your willingness for anything and altogether laid-back style was such a fun way to spend my morning! I cannot wait for your October wedding and am extremely grateful for the chance to photograph you two ONE MORE TIME πŸ™‚ Enjoy your sneak peek, cuties! I truly cannot wait to show you your full gallery!


Jul 27, 2019

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