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2019 EMU Senior | Mallory

I got to capture all THREE of my roommate’s/bestfriend’s graduation photos over the last few weeks, and I just can’t hold it together over here. *brb crying*

Mallory, specifically, was one of the first people I met that I knew was going to EMU. We coincidentally showed up to the same “welcome to EMU” dinner for incoming freshman at the 2015 Kansas City Mennonite Convention. I had absolutely NO IDEA that Mallory (and our future bestie Liz) would all show up, eat pizza awkwardly, engage in a weird conversation, and somehow become best friends that coming Fall. And then,

And now? We’ve lived together 3 out of the 4 years at EMU, have weird dance parties, and go to bed equally as early on weeknights because we both know we need our sleep. I love our house, the roommates we have (shoutout to Liz and Kayla, your blog post will be up soon :P) and the memories we’ve shared over the last 4 years. Here’s to one more year of mems!

Mallory is going to make an amazing teacher, wherever she ends up. Her genuine kindness and drive are literally going to take the Education world by storm. Can’t wait to see the little lives you affect, Ms. B ❤️ Enjoy your sneak peek!!



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