Market at Grelen Wedding | Kylia & Aaron


K+A’s Spring Market at Grelen Wedding Kylia and Aaron’s Market at Grelen wedding day was nothing short of amazing! Their day was long-awaited after a year of postponements, and it was greatly worth the wait. We took their engagement session in the Fall of 2020 and it somehow feels like it wasn’t that long ago (but […]

The Granary Wedding | Nadia & William


  Nadia and William’s wedding day at The Granary is the most spectacular way to end my busy 2021 wedding season. It combined the best winter/fall weather with a love of family and encapsulated all of that into their perfect day! They held the most love for each other and that was very clear upon […]

Montfair Resort Farm Wedding | Alex & Shelby


Alex & Shelby’s fall wedding at Montfair Resort Farm was a photographer’s DREAM. It was a beautiful day with these two and their special friends & fam. I had the absolute honor of photographing Alex & Shelby’s engagement session, and just KNEW their wedding day was going to be such a fun one. I love […]

The Serenity Inn Wedding | Kate & Steve


Kate and Steve’s Serenity Inn wedding was just what my photographer soul needed!! These two are celebrating their one-year anniversary to what would have been a celebration similar to this one (#COVIDcouple). I am astounded at the resilience and excitement these two have held over multiple rescheduling dates, broken bones, ripped pants, and the newness […]

Running Mare Wedding | Clara & Iain


  What a BEAUTIFUL day for such a beautiful couple. Clara and Iain’s Running Mare wedding was nothing short of just absolutely stunning. I felt like my emotions kept ranging from (happy) crying to laughing, because the amount of joy in their space was overwhelming in the best way!! I’ve had the joy of getting […]

Dumbarton House Wedding | Karen and Evan


I basically have limited words to describe how joyous, magical, and FUN Karen and Evan’s Dumbarton House wedding was. I had the pleasure of photographing their engagement session in Annapolis a few months ago and, even during our consultation in March, knew I was going to adore working with these two. Their wedding did not […]

Rivercrest Farm Wedding | Annie & Ryan


Oh my goodness! There are so many joyful things I could say about Annie and Ryan and their wedding day at Rivercrest Farm.  I had the honor of capturing Annie and Ryan’s engagement session at the same venue (and if you missed that, you can check it out here!) and knew their wedding day was […]

Brix & Columns Vineyards Wedding | Esther & Allan


All I can say about Esther and Allan’s wedding day at Brix and Columns Vineyards is WOW. From start to finish, the entire day was filled with friendship, warmth, and SO MUCH COLOR. I loved how Esther and Allan combined their cultural backgrounds to celebrate the union of their families. Their families are very important […]

Bluestone Vineyard Wedding | Josie & Peter


OH MY GOODNESS – I can’t say enough about Josie and Peter’s wedding  at Bluestone Vineyard! While it is one of my favorite venues in the Valley, this couple and their friends/family made this wedding that much more special. I captured Josie and Peter’s engagement session allll the way back in April (if you missed […]

Sweeney Barn Wedding | Lizzy & Ryan


Lizzy and Ryan’s Wedding Day Part 2 came and went SO quickly! While we celebrated more of a formal ceremony earlier in April, their August wedding was filled with more celebratory things (like allll the dancing!) You can click this link to view some sneaks from their April celebration. Their Sweeney Barn celebration was in […]

WHY we're the perfect match


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"Andrea is a joy to be around and creates a natural, relaxed atmosphere.

Andrea is a joy to be around and creates a natural, relaxed atmosphere. Andrea captures each moment so beautifully. She was always on top of communication, and I always felt like she cared about what we wanted. The quality of pictures is amazing and I am so glad we chose Andrea as our wedding photographer! You should definitely hire her now for your photography needs!"


"Andrea brings out the natural beauty in whatever she photographs.

Andrea went above and beyond to accommodate us for a last minute change of plans due to COVID-19. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the pictures and how they turned out. We absolutely love them all. Andrea brings out the natural beauty in whatever she photographs. Thanks to Andrea we will be able to relive our wedding day over and over."


"Andrea is so professional and detail-oriented, while still being fun, friendly, and loving.

Andrea is so professional and detail-oriented, while still being fun, friendly, and loving. She feels like she is your best friend as soon as you meet her! Throughout our wedding planning process, she sent a sweet little surprise gift box, a helpful photography planning guide, and she even made us a personalized ornament for our first Christmas! She goes above and beyond in everything she does.


"Her excitement about being our photographer was contagious."

From the first meeting, we knew Andrea was an experienced photographer who was also warm and bubbly, which is the perfect type of person to have around you on your wedding day. She was extremely helpful with answering any questions we had, and was very responsive. Andrea is incredibly organized and efficient. She captured the best moments and got all the shots we wanted without making it feel like the photography was taking over the day. Working with her was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend her!